Career and Personal Development Coaching

Every initial step, no matter how small, sparks a transformation. Dare to change...

From professional pursuits to life's deeper purpose charting your journey, nurturing your growth

As a credentialed coach with an enduring passion for understanding people, I support those navigating challenges in their work and personal spheres. If you're contemplating a career pivot, seeking advancement, tackling personal barriers, or striving to align more deeply with your core values, I'm committed to helping you unveil your unique strengths, talents, and aspirations, empowering you to realize your utmost potential.


Old Ways

Won’t Open New Doors

Few words about me

I am Viktoria, a certified coach (RNCP and ICF accredited at the ACTP level)!👋

It's challenging to describe oneself in 'a few words,' but if I were to summarize my journey in a single concept, it would be 'change.' Changes, often daunting but incredibly enriching, have shaped who I am today and fuel my passion for guiding others through their own transformation process.

I'm also a mother, a very active person, always on the move! I love music, languages, and everything related to foreign cultures. In fact, I have an unquenchable thirst for learning.


Coaching in Practice

Coaching is more than a process; it's a shared journey of discovery. In this authentic partnership, you're empowered to embrace your true self, dream without limits, and venture boldly. I'm here, not just as a coach, but as a dedicated listener — free of judgment — helping you unearth your deepest desires and chart a path to your aspirations.

Every coaching encounter offers a singular experience, a chance to unearth insights about yourself, to experience deep epiphanies, and to catalyze transformative shifts. The journey, every nuanced step of it, is uniquely yours, empowering you to steer your course toward personal evolution.

Mon approche est guidée par la croyance que nous avons tous les moyens de vivre une vie épanouissante. Et si je devais choisir trois valeurs essentielles qui me caractérisent en tant qu’individu et qui imprègnent mon approche en tant que coach, ce serait authenticity, continuous evolution and non-judgment.

We will start by understanding who you are, your aspirations, and your unique challenges. This is a time to establish a strong bond, building a trustful relationship that will facilitate your personal growth.

Together, we'll chart your goals and desires. What is it that you truly seek? What outcomes are you aiming for? This step will crystallize your vision and set the direction forward.

We'll take a close look at your strengths, talents, and areas that need enhancement. This insight will guide us in crafting a tailored action plan, empowering you to harness your potential and tackle challenges head-on.

Here's where the transformation begins! You'll start taking tangible steps towards your objectives, and I'll be right there with you every step of the way. 

The transformations you undergo will progressively embed themselves in your everyday life. You'll find yourself blossoming, boosting your confidence, resilience, and productivity, while seeing tangible outcomes of your endeavors.

We'll set aside moments for reflection on your journey and for celebrating your accomplishments. Each milestone reached is a triumph worth acknowledging, as they collectively build the strong foundation for your continuous growth.

Are you ready to start this exciting journey ?

Career Coaching

If you're seeking focused professional growth, this option is tailored to you.

Personal Development Coaching

If you're aiming to enhance your holistic well-being, deepen self-awareness, and craft a life in harmony with your values and dreams, this is the right choice for you.


If you have any questions or specific requirements you'd like to discuss personally, please feel free to reach out.